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 Welcome to Mocksports Fantasy Baseball!
2018 Auction Schedule


The game that has developed into Mocksports started on the Sports Forum on Compuserve in 1987.  Times have changed (Mark Eichhorn was the first player nominated), rules have been tweaked, but the leagues carry on.

Many of our owners have been around since those Sports Forum days, but we also pride ourselves on providing a warm and friendly environment for new owners who find their way to our game!

There is a $7 per team charge per team, in order to cover the costs of the statistics / scoring website.  As always, new owners will be able to pick up a team for FREE!!

The Mocksports Fantasy Baseball game is divided into three parts: Between Seasons, Preseason, In-Season.

Between seasons, trading can be done without regard to salary caps or roster limits.  Unbalanced trades may be reversed if a team is not renewed for the next season, but other than that it's a free-for-all.  Often the owners in our leagues will hold informal winter meetings in the conference rooms, a chance to get together and talk about the season and do some deals!

The Preseason starts with Renewals.  When renewals start, a team cannot make a trade until it has been renewed.  Once renewed, a team can continue to deal until the Frozen Roster is submitted.  By the Freeze Deadline, a team must submit a list of between seven and 15 players to carry into the auction.  The team can also keep "Toppers" on up to five more players, which gives that team the last bid for the first few rounds.

Expansion Teams are newly created teams to help round-out a league.  They enter the auction with no freeze list, and the full amount of money available to be used at auction.

The next step in the Preseason is the Auction.  Auctions are held in real-time, in one of the IRC Java conference rooms, and are moderated by a League Administrator (LA).

There are at least eight rounds of "normal" auctioning.  The teams are arranged in reverse-order of the previous season's standings, with expansion teams taking up the first slots.  A player is nominated, and there is one round of bidding.  Then the owner who made the nomination gets a bid.  If an owner has Toppers on a player, he gets the final bid.  The player is then awarded to the highest bidder.

After the normal rounds, the auction enters into Speed rounds.  The LA determines at what salary level the rounds begin - usually at a level in which three owners can select players.  Then, any owner that pick a player at that salary level can make a pick or pass, remaining in the auction order.  After the round is completed, the salary level drops by a dollar, and the process continues.  Once the $1 level is reached, they teams with roster spots remaining continue to select, in order, until the rosters are filled.

Since our owners are normally very well prepared, auctions typically take four hours, sometimes five... If you're interested in an example of one of our auctions, you can take a look at the Bob AL auction from year's past.

Once the auction is completed, teams have 24 hours to post a transaction on the board to reserve any players that are in the minors or on the DL, and replace them with active major leaguers who were not selected during the auction.  The stats for the replacements (as well as the rest of the roster) accumulate retroactive (if necessary) from the start of the MLB season.

During the season, teams are free to make trades, to add/reserve players, or to add/drop players. Teams must keep their rosters balanced according to position, and under the in-season salary cap.  The cap loosens as the year progresses, to open up those late-season deals.  Each team is limited to three add/drops per week until the week of the All-Star Game, when the limit becomes two.

In September, teams can move players between their active and reserve list at will, to try to squeeze out as many stats as they can to get that championship!

Physically, Mocksports has two areas for owners to focus on.  The link under each league will take you to the message board for that league.  The message boards are the heart of Mocksports.  All transactions must be posted on the league's board.  This is also the primary avenue of owner interaction.  Teams post their wants and needs, and plenty of good natured trash talk.  Owners can also arrange to rendezvous in one of the conference rooms, which are available year-round.  The second area of interest is the Statistics website.  We plan on using OnRoto for our numbers.

If you want to join an anonymous, disposable league, this probably isn't the place for you.  However, if you want to develop teams over time, help form the character of a league, and form relationships with your fellow owners, Mocksports Fantasy Baseball is what you're looking for.  Just send check out the schedule and the available teams in the right hand column, and send an e-mail to to get started!


Mar 5: Renewal deadline

Available teams available on a first-come first-served basis

Mar 9: Available player list reviewable by LAs

Mar 15: Available player list reviewable by all owners

Mar 15: Available player list frozen - only modified by interleague trades

Mar 14: Payment deadline


2018 Auctions
Times PM Eastern

Bob AL      3/16 8:00
Feller AL   3/17 1:00
Snider NL   3/17 7:00
Gibson NL   3/18 1:00
Sparky AL   3/18 7:00
Bell AL     3/19 8:00
Uecker NL   3/20 8:00
Robinson NL 3/22 8:00
Berra NL    3/24 1:00
Banks NL    3/24 7:00
Clemente NL 3/25 7:00
*Subject to Change



Available Teams
for 2018!!

We’ll be getting the list of available teams posted soon!!

If you see something
you like,
give us an e-mail !

Thank you for checking us out!


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