January 2007 Revisions: removing Autopilot, adding Expected Absence procedure, added Owner Dismissal procedure
February 2007 Revision: added one claim per transaction provision for the Post-Auction period


Table of Contents

 1 Overview
 2 Prizes
 3 Team Ownership
 4 Standings and Reports
 5 League and Team Composition
 6 Preseason
   New League Draft
   Existing League Freeze / Auction
 7 In-Season
   Stretch Run
 8 Off-Season
 9 Conflict Resolution
10 Administration

Section 1 - Overview

Fantasy Baseball, referred to also as FBB, is the baseball challenge where you, as the team owner, have the opportunity to put together your team of players and compete with other team owners on the basis of your players' performance during the regular MLB season.

The object of Mocksports FBB is to assemble a lineup of 25 National League or 23 American League baseball players whose cumulative statistics, compiled and measured by the methods described below, exceed those of the other teams in the League.

This particular game will only proceed if the Major League players are actively participating in a schedule.

This game is an ongoing game, year-to-year, with teams and rosters retained from season to season. The continuous nature of these leagues is what uniquely defines this game above all others. The league will use "keepers", or "freezes", and "toppers." As a result owners will be motivated to maintain activity throughout the course of a season. This unique feature also requires owners to anticipate players’ potential, contract status and location of the team. Ideally this will add additional reality to this fantasy game.

As a web-based Fantasy Baseball game, the site for information, ranking and communications can be found at

The participants are responsible for year-to-year renewals, drafting teams and providing an appropriate email for communications.

Section 2 - Prizes

The team owners in each league compete for awards, privileges and gloating rights to be provided at the conclusion of each league's regular season. The awards MAY include monetary incentives, T-shirts, Trophies, an ML Player's chunk of used chewing gum, and/or posting to the Champions' Trophy Page. Ultimately the prize is in the respect of other others of a game well played.

Section 3 - Team Ownership

1 Roster Integrity

Rosters integrity starts with the owners, who are responsible for maintaining positional accuracy, for the salary total of the team, and for individual salaries for the players.

2 Communication

Each owner should respond to communication from other owners in as timely a manner as possible. Owners should refrain from using profanity and other derogatory comments in e-mail, chat or board communication. Should an owner prefer not to communicate the owner may make such a post on the board and to the League Administrator and it is hoped other owners will respect this.

Lack of communication and autopiloting (failure to make transactions to improve your team) are grounds for dismissal, as per Section 9.

Section 4 - Standings and Reports

1 Scoring Categories

The following criteria are used to determine team performance:

(a)  Composite Batting Average - The total number of hits divided by the total number of At Bats accrued by the active players throughout the season.

(b)  Total Home Runs - The total number of Home Runs accrued by the active hitters throughout the season.

(c)  Total RBI's - The total number of Runs Batted In accrued by the active hitters throughout the season.

(d)  Total Stolen Bases - The total number of Stolen Bases accrued by the active hitters throughout the season.

(e)  Total Runs - The total number of Runs accrued by the active hitters throughout the season.

(f)  Total Wins - The total number of wins accrued by the active pitchers throughout the season.

(g)  Composite ERA - Composite Earned Run Average (the number of earned runs allowed divided by innings pitched times nine) accrued by the active pitchers throughout the season.

(h)  Composite WHIP - Composite Pitching Ratio (the sum of walks and hits divided by innings pitched) accrued by the active pitchers throughout the season.

(i)  Total Saves - The total number of saves divided by the total number of at bats accrued by the active pitchers throughout the season.

(j)  Total Strikeouts - The total number of strikeouts accrued by the active pitchers throughout the season.

Point Allocation

Teams are ranked from first to last in each of the ten categories above and given points commensurate with their categorical standings. Points are equal to one more than the number of teams you are ahead of in category. The sum of the points in each of a team's ten categories determines their standing in the league. In cases of ties in an individual category, the tied teams are assigned points by totaling points for the rankings at issue and dividing the total by the number of teams tied.

Tie Breaking

In cases of ties in total points, a team's final place in the standings shall be determined by head-to-head comparisons in the ten categories.

In the event the teams are tied 5-5 at the end of this comparison, composite batting average is the tie-breaking category.

In the unlikely event the teams are still tied, the cumulative ERA category would be used as the second tiebreaker.


The source for standings and reports will be a statistics source chosen by the Commish.


Users agree as a condition of their participation in the Mocksports FBB site to indemnify and hold harmless its parent company, Where’s My Thing, Ltd., and the statistics provider so chosen from and against any claims of damage arising from the statistics and reports provided.

Scoring Errors

Scoring or transaction errors must be reported within six days (144 hours) of their occurrence.

Section 5 - League and Team Composition

American League

There are 10 - 12 teams in an American League. Each team is comprised of 23 American League players. Each team's active roster consists of the following players:

     1 [1B] First baseman

     1 [2B] Second baseman

     1 [SS] Shortstop

     1 [3B] Third baseman

     1 [MI] Middle infielder (second baseman or shortstop)

     1 [CI] Corner infielder (first or third baseman)

     2 [C ] Catchers

     5 [OF] Outfielders

     1 [DH] Designated Hitter (any non-pitcher)

     9 [P ] Pitchers

National League

There are 10-12 teams in each National League. Each team is comprised of 25 National League players. Each team's active roster consists of the following players:

     1 [1B] First baseman

     1 [2B] Second baseman

     1 [SS] Shortstop

     1 [3B] Third baseman

     1 [MI] Middle infielder (second baseman or shortstop)

     1 [CI] Corner infielder (first or third baseman)

     2 [C ] Catchers

     5 [OF] Outfielders

     2 [UT] Utility players (any non-pitcher)

    10 [P ] Pitchers

Section 6 - Pre-Season


A list of players available to be drafted/auctioned/frozen and the positions for which they are eligible will be supplied. A player is eligible at a position in which he appeared at least 20 times in the Major Leagues the previous season. Players who played in the Major Leagues but did not reach 20 appearances are eligible at the position they appeared the most. Players who have not appeared in the Major Leagues can be eligible at the position at which they appeared the greatest number of times the previous season.  Pinch appearances (either hitting or running) are ignored.

2  New League Draft

A draft will be conducted to distribute players between the teams in a newly formed league.

1  The Draft Order will be determined at random. Each round will be serpentine (the first team starts the odd rounds and goes down the order, the last team starts the even rounds and goes up the order).

2  Players eligible at multiple positions may be shifted during the draft

3  No team may draft a player who only qualifies at a position that is already filled on the roster, unless the roster can be shifted to open up a position for which the player is eligible.

Example: AL Team A has both C slots and the DH slot filled. Team A may not draft another player who qualifies only as a catcher, unless one of the 2 Cs or the DH qualifies at another open position (or one that can be opened by moving that player to another open spot).

4  Players' initial salaries are determined based on the round a player is selected, as shown in the following tables:

AL            NL
Round $ Round $
1 37 1 37
2 32 2 32
3 27 3 27
4 23 4 23
5 20 5 20
6 17 6 17
7 15 7 15
8 13 8 13
9 11 9-10 11
10 10 11 10
11 9 12-13 9
12 8 14 8
13 7 15 7
14 6 16 6
15 5 17 5
16 4 18-19 4
17-18 3 20-21 3
19-20 2 22-23 2
21-23 1 24-25 1
Total 257 Total 280

5  Procedures applicable to new leagues' draft may differ from those set out in this Section 6.1 in that the Mocksports FBB staff may "beta test" new draft rules. In such an event, potential owners for those leagues will be notified in advance as to what procedures will be used.

Abandoned Teams

The Mocksports FBB staff will assign teams left ownerless from a list of potential FBB owner applicants. These teams, now so owned, will be subject to all terms and conditions of these rules.


In existing leagues, each AL team is allotted $260 dollars to spend on its 23 players, and each NL team is allotted $280 for 25 players.

5  Frozen Rosters

Each existing team in existing leagues must submit a Frozen Roster.

1  The Frozen Roster must list a MINIMUM of seven and a MAXIMUM of 15 Frozen players for their roster entering the auction. Any player on a roster is eligible to be Frozen. Players that are Frozen have a salary of $4 more than the previous season, and must be placed at a position at which they are eligible.

2  Additionally, each team will be allowed a MAXIMUM of five Topper rights. Toppers are players on their roster to which the owner wishes to retain the final bid.

3  Frozen Rosters will be due one week before the auctions are scheduled to begin, and must include the name of the team, the full names of the players frozen, their ML team, their beginning roster position, and the salary at which they are frozen. Added to the bottom of the Frozen Roster are the full names and ML teams of the Toppers. Non-receipt of a team's Frozen Roster by the announced deadline will result in one being created by the Mocksports FBB personnel, and may result in the team being assigned to a new owner or dissolved.

4  No alteration to a team's Frozen Roster is permitted from the time it is posted to the message board or e-mailed to the League Administrator, unless directed by the LA or other Mocksports FBB personnel. Thus, no trades are permitted from the time the Frozen Roster is submitted, or from when the deadline is passed (if no roster was submitted), until after the Auction.

5  If a league is expanding by adding new teams, the new owners will not have any players Frozen nor any Toppers, but should, if possible, submit an empty Frozen Roster indicating the new teams' names.

Existing League Auction

Existing leagues will use an Auction to distribute players that are not Frozen.

1  Auction Order is the reverse of the final standings from the previous season. If a league is expanding, the new teams are considered "last place teams" and will take the first positions in the draft order. If there is more than one team, their draft order will be determined at random.

The Auction Order "wraps around", that is, the last-place team always follows the first-place team. Opening bids continue with the last place team and proceed thereafter in Auction Order.

As an example, here is how the first three bidding sessions would go in a 12-team league (the numbers refer to position in standings at end of the previous season; T refers to the team which owns Topper rights during the first eight rounds of the auction):

First player announced by Team 12. Bidding proceeds as follows: 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 12 T

Second player announced by Team 11: 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 12 11 T

Third player announced by Team 10: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 12 11 10 T

2  Topper rights expire at the end of the eighth round.

3  After eight rounds, the Auction will revert to a "Speed Draft" format.

3.1  Salaries of players selected in the Speed Draft rounds will be determined by round selected. The salary associated with the first such "round" of the draft will be determined by the League Administrator with reference to the amount of money left to be spent/number of players left to be bought. The salary of a player selected in the first draft round will be an amount that at least two teams can "afford," but otherwise the specific dollar value will be determined at the sole discretion of the League Administrator. Each round after the first the salary associated with a player chosen in that round will go down by one dollar.

3.2  A team may elect to draft one and only one player at the salary associated with that round, if s/he can afford to do so, or may pass.

3.3  A team, which cannot afford to choose a player at the salary associated with the current round, must pass. To expedite the draft, the League Administrator may announce in advance of the round, which teams are "out" because they cannot afford to choose in the current round.

3.4  Once the draft reaches the $1 stage it continues in auction order with each player chosen having a salary of $1 until all teams are complete.

Post-Auction/Draft Transactions

Upon a posted message by the League Administrator noting the completion of the auction or draft all owners may reserve eligible players and claim eligible un-drafted players for a period of 24-hours.

1  The “claimed” free agents will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis for this period (only).

2  A team may claim more than one player during the Post-Auction period, however each claim MUST be posted in a separate message.

3  The salary assigned to these players will be $6.

4  No Trades can be made during this period.

Section 7 - In-Season

Time Convention

All times referenced are considered to be Eastern. Weeks will start at Noon on Sunday.

Salary Cap

The total salaries of the players on each team's Active Roster must be at or below the salary cap, as expressed in the table below:
Effective Through AL NL Above Auction Cap
May 31 $285 $305 $25
July 31 $310 $330 $50
End $360 $380 $100

3  Real Transactions and Active Players

A list of players that are Active in the Major Leagues will be supplied by the Mocksports FBB staff and maintained throughout the season.

1  This list will be modified by MLB Transactions, as posted by the Mocksports staff.

1.1  Players become Active in the Major Leagues upon promotion from the minors or activation from the Disabled List.

1.2  Players become Reservable (or not Active) in the Major Leagues upon demotion to the minors or placement on the Disabled or Restricted Lists.

1.3  Players who are suspended by Major League Baseball are usually considered Active, rather than Reservable, since they cannot be replaced on their MLB roster. If their Major League team can replace them, then they are Reservable.

2  The indicated website is the last word on player availability. If a transaction is missed by the indicated website, an e-mail should be sent to the Commish. The Commish will do the research and make the necessary posting in the FBB section. A newly available player will always be subject to Section 7 Rule 8.1

3  Transactions reported are considered to take effect at noon on the day posted.

Position Eligibility

A player is eligible at a position in which he appeared at least 20 times in the Major Leagues the previous season, or five times in the current season. Players who have not appeared in the Major Leagues can be eligible at the position at which they appeared the greatest number of times in the current season in the minors. Pinch appearances (either hitting or running) are ignored.

1  Non-pitchers may NOT be put into a Pitcher slot, even if he appears as a pitcher in a Major League game.

5  Transactions

All Transactions (including Releases, Reserves, Claims, Trades and Summary Reserves) must be posted on the appropriate Mocksports message board, as indicated by the League Administrator.

1  After the transaction is completed, a team's roster must be Complete and Balanced, as per Section 5.

2  Transactions are effective the day of the initial message if posted before noon; otherwise it takes effect the following day.

3  The Full Names of the players involved in the transaction and the abbreviation of their Major League teams must be included in the transaction.

4  Transactions, once posted, are IRREVOCABLE. As such, the message must not be Edited or Deleted after posting.

5  All Transactions are subject to Administrative Review, and may be retroactively reversed if necessary.


A player may be Released / Waived from a team's roster at any time, as long as the roster's Balance is maintained.


A team may move any player from the Active Roster to the Reserve List if the player is no longer on the Active Roster of any Major League team in the appropriate league, as indicated by the website designated in Section 7 Rule 3..

1  A team may have any number of players on its Reserve List.

2  A Reserved player must be Activated or Released within 10 days of his Activation by his appropriate Major League team, or be automatically waived (Autowaived) and become a free agent.

2.1  Any time after the 10-day period, Autowaive can occur without notice and is at the discretion of the League Administrator.

2.3  A player becomes a free agent effective at noon on the day he is Autowaived.

2.4  If an owner is going to be away for a period of time, either a temporary owner should be named by the owner, or the owner can indicate to the League Administrator a desire to avoid losing a player via Autowaiver.

2.4.1 The absent owner can either indicate the player to be waived to make room for the player to be Activated, or it can be left to the League Administrator's discression. However, the player cannot remain on the Reserve list.


Claims of a Free Agent to the Active Roster can be made at any time.

1  When a player is Active and newly Available to be claimed, either through a transaction on the designated website or Release by a team in the FBB league, he is subject to Supercedure.

1.1  The Supercedure Clock expires 58 hours (10 PM on the second day) after his Activation as posted on the website designated in Section 7 Rule 3 or 48 hours after the posting of the release on the FBB boards.

1.2  Any team may make a claim on a player subject to Supercedure.

1.3  At the end of the Supercedure Period, the claim by the team with the lowest position in the Supercedure Order is Approved.

1.3.1  In an Existing League, the Supercedure Order is initially determined by the Auction Order.

1.3.2  In a New League, the Supercedure Order is initially the opposite of the Draft Order.

1.3.3  Upon the Approval of a Supercedure Claim, the team with the successful claim is moved to the end of the Supercedure Order.

1.4  A team may claim more than one player subject to Supercedure, however each claim MUST be posted in a separate message.

1.4.1 If an owner claims multiple players subject to Supercedure, the transactions will be processed in the order the transactions were posted.

1.5  A player who is claimed during Supercedure is retains his previous salary (if any). A player who has not been previously owned is assigned a salary of $6, or $15 if he has been traded from the Active Roster of the opposite Major League.

2  A player who is claimed outside of Supercedure retains his previous salary, or is assigned a salary of $1 if not previously owned.

9  Trades

From the end of the Post-Auction/Draft Transactions period until September 1st, teams are free to make Trades, so long as the Active Rosters of both teams meet the requirements of Sections 5 and 7.2 upon completion of the Trade.

1  Both parties are expected to have agreed on the details of the trade, including balancing moves, before either party posts the Transaction.

2  The offering or trading of "future considerations", draft positions, salary, or any other consideration not explicit in the trade itself is prohibited.

2.1 Supercedure spots (as described in Section 7, Rule 8) may be swapped in a trade.  After the trade, all involved teams must have a spot in the order.

3  Either team trading a player who is Active and eligible to be Reserved, or is Reserved and Eligible to be activated, may change the status of said player in a Trade. A player who is Reserved and not eligible to be Activated my only be traded to another team's Reserve List.

4  Players may be Claimed or Released as necessary to balance the Rosters. Claims are subject to Rule 7.10.

5  Traded players retain their salary after the Trade.

6  A Trade is not complete until both parties have posted and the League Administrator Approved it.

7  The League Administrator may void any trade upon request of the first party if the second fails to confirm the trade with 48-hours.

8  A Review of the trade by the Mocksports FBB Staff may be called in two situations, and may result in the trade being void.

8.1  If, in the League Administrator's opinion, there is demonstrable and conclusive evidence of collusion between the trading parties.

8.2  A protest of a trade by three or more owners in a league shall invoke an automatic review of the trade.

10  Charged Transactions

During the season, a team is limited to a number of Charged Transactions ("Charges").

1  A transaction is considered a "Charge" to a team when the team claims a player without a valid reserve of another player, or activated a player that is not considered Active according to the Reals, until September 1.

2  From the end of the Post-Auction/Draft Transactions period until the end of the Sunday preceding the All-Star Game, each team is limited to three Charges per week.

3  From the beginning of the week of the All-Star Game until the end of the season, each team is limited to two Charges per week.

11  Stretch Run Roster

Beginning September 1st, the role of a team's Reserve List changes to that of a "bench".  

1  Autowaivers are not applicable during this period. Players on the Reserve List may remain so for the completion of the season.

2  Players on the Active Roster may be Reserved without cause or reason provided a Reserve List player that is on the Active Roster of the applicable League is Activated, at no charge.

3  Free Agents can be claimed and added to the Active List or to the Reserve List, in two situations:

3.1  When Reserving a player who has been removed from the Active Roster of the applicable MLB League, a Free Agent can be claimed without a Charge.

3.2  When Releasing a player who has not been removed from the Active Roster of the applicable MLB League, a Free Agent can be claimed as a Charge.

Section 8 - Off-Season

Until Frozen Rosters are due, rosters are no longer subject to Section 5 or Rule 7.2, and Trades can be made. Players cannot be Claimed or Waived during the off-season.

Section 9 - Conflict Resolution and Dismissals

1  The Commish has the final say. Judgments can and may be made when deemed to be in the best interest of Mocksports FBB. These judgments may include the transfer or release of players, voiding of trades, and any other recourse necessary.

2  Unfortunately, the best interests of the league may require an owner to be removed.

2.1  If requested by two of the owners of the applicable league, or if judged necessary by the league administrator, a Poll will be conducted.

2.1.1  The question of the poll will be "Has (team name) become a detriment to the league?"

2.1.2  The two choices will be "Yes" and "No". What constitutes a 'detriment' is left up to the owners, but should primarily consist of a failure to repond to trade offers. Owners are under no obligation to trade, of course.

2.1.3  The Poll will conclude after one week, or upon reaching a 2/3rds "Yes" vote.

2.2  If 2/3rds of the owners in the applicable league vote "Yes", then the owner will be removed from the league. The team will be placed on "Autopilot". Teams on Autopilot will be frozen, and not subject to Autowaivers (, until a new, even if temporary, owner can be found.

Section 10 - Administration

The Mocksports FBB Staff consists of the following volunteers:

League Administrators (LAs)

LAs enforce the Rules, run the Auction / Draft, facilitate communication, administer roster moves, and track any information necessary to the continuing functioning of the League.


The Realist updates the Real Transactions by monitoring the transaction sites and researching box scores and other sites as necessary to maintain the list of players Active in the Major Leagues.


The Czar is responsible for communication across the various Mocksports FBB leagues, assists in key strategies and decisions, and is responsible for marketing.


The FINAL SAY on all Mocksports FBB activities, benevolent dictator and the person responsible for everything FBB.